The Pre- Pesach Snaps meeting went pretty well.

Here is a re-cap of everyone’s most inner thoughts at snaps last night:

Rafi: “Man I can’t wait for that double crunch Shnitzel sandwich on a regular bun, I wonder if I can sue this place for taking so long to get me my food.”

Pearly: “Wow this place is so crowded, just 5 minutes ago there was no one here, now you can’t hear yourself think!”

Rikki: “Guys u would not believe what’s going on by the table behind us.”

Chaya: “I never understood why Tatty always wears his hat to remember Sfira. There have got to be better ways to remember.”

Dovid: “These poppers are way too spicy, we should’ve gone to mikes, I wonder if D’Angelo Russell is gonna be MVP of the all star game?”

Yosef: “Anyone got any veggie straws? Or fries? Or light up squares?”

Naomi: “I guess I’ll just talk to the wall, walls don’t have kids to take care of.”

Danny: “la la la, tra la la, dum da da dum….”

Sara: “Is someone singing?”

Ramen Pho Bowl: “I’m seriously the most random stupid thing on the planet. Whoever made me should be locked up with the key thrown away. No one is even looking at me. Well, why would they? I’m not soup, I’m not meat, and I’m most certainly not an egg. I’ll just be here till I get thrown away, as usual.”