After Danny spoke with an airport rep and Captain Brent Sloan himself, it was confirmed that Big Toho Airport (BTA) is 100% safe to land in. In fact, Brent says they keep the runway active all year by landing a plane on it once a year.

However, Brent does warn pilots that the best time of the day to land is 3pm. Why? Brent says 3pm is when the cows and goats like to rest on the side of the runway, so chances are the planes won’t crash into them on the way in.

After landing, all passengers must give Brent a tip on the way to a gas station, where passengers can then be picked up and head over to their destinations.

“We were thinking of letting passengers get picked up directly from the airport, but we decided to go to the gas station instead so that everyone can view the beautiful scenery on the way to the gas station,” said Brent.

Brent is hoping that letting Frum Yidden land in their airport will help spread word for his other business called “Big Toho Airboat Rides.”

After looking at reviews of the Airboat rides, we will let everyone decide for themselves if they want to go there on Chol Hamoed:

Founder of Pesach in Orlando Yoily Schwartz was heard saying, “I was there, we had a great time, and I see absolutely no reason why anyone should refrain from going.” He also adds that one of the highlights of the trip is to see and hold the baby alligator. Brent always handles the baby gators with care and respect. Even the bag that they are stuffed in may or may not have holes in it so that the baby gators can breathe.