Last year in Orlando we tried so soak it all in, knowing this was the last year we were ever going to spend Pesach in Orlando.

We were obviously not going to come back, since no one was mentioning the following year.

It was a little sad, knowing that this was the last time we would taste Yaakovs beef jerky,  the last time we would see the Zabitzal Rebbe in action, the last time we would see babby stuck in a pizza shop for 4 hours, and worst of all, the last time we would see 5 shivering people get back from the boating trip pretending like they had a good time.

But then something happened. I overheard my mother saying that we are never going back to Orlando again. EVER. It was at that moment that I jumped for joy knowing we would 100% be back the following year.

Sure enough, motzai YT they were already booking houses and renting storage units.

While the rest of us are going to be flying with masks covering our faces, gasping for air, the Rebbe will be chilling as he makes his way down to Orlando. Rebbes don’t fly, they drive. The question is, will the Rebbe have any potential competitors this year for the royal position?

We know in the past there have been select individuals who have tried to dethrone Yoily as the Zabitzale Rebbe, but this year we haven’t really heard of anything.

This year, no one, and I mean NO ONE will attempt to take his place. Yoily is the one. You can trust me on this one, Yoily will be the only and only one driving down to Orlando.

      OR WILL HE?????