Look, I know this sounds crazy but hear me out. I always felt like Dovid and Mr Rosenblum had some kind of connection and understanding that they didn’t have with anyone else.

Like, there was this time during Chazoratz Hashatz when the chazzan was saying the bracha of Bonei Yerushalayim and I caught Dovid and Mr Rosenblum smirking at each other.

Its unclear if they had already taken their trip at that point, or if it was still in the planning stages, but there was definitely something there.

Then there was the other time in Terra Verde when Mr Rosenblum saw a segway and said, “I love segways” and Mrs Roseblum was like, “You’ve never been on a segway before” and he turned all red and quickly changed the subject.

I know it seems highly unlikely, and some would say even impossible for it to have ever happened, but all the evidence is pointing right to it.

And this right here is the proof:

The other mystery here is who were the other 2? What were all 4 of them doing? Was this some sort of secret mission that we weren’t supposed to find out about?

How is it possible that none of us knew that this was going on at the time? Are they still in middle of the mission?

All these questions remain unanswered at the current writing of this article, but we already hired Shloimy Zionce to investigate.

We will keep you posted.