Aaaaand the long anticipated trip has begun.

What we know so far:

Yoily already went to Halu Teman ( I don’t blame him one bit)

Additionally,  Motti made his way into the trip plans.

Based on the pictures, the one large group has already formed into a few smaller groups. Here is one of them:

According to Perry and Miriam they are on the way to the Kosel (At least their group is, Yoilys group may still be by Halu Teman)

The smaller groups made up with each other and they all got together to go to the Kosel (Except I didn’t see Motti)

They have a lot of mouthwash which makes sense. Israeli food can be garlicy.

All them Men are pretending to eat all these weird things while secretly going out for breakfast, lunch and supper.

Everyone is so excited they couldn’t even sleep, this picture was taken at 3am. (Only Yoily was sleeping cause he had Halu Teman)

According to one of our sources (comments), Yittu has been put in Cherem for posting those pictures of everyone at the Kosel. We can neither confirm or deny if this is indeed true.