Just like Danielle, Risi likes to keep her life private. While she has been spotted fishing off the bay of Indonesia, no one knows why she goes there when there are plenty of spots to go fishing in the United States. Some reporters are convinced that Risi was the one who first said the original saying, "Stars can't shine without Darkness." While we don't know if Ari is the star or the darkness, he definitely comes into play over here (as he usually does). After many conversations with Ari about Risi and his engagement, the one thing we do know is that he is as happy as ever, and is thinking of starting a blank inside card company with Risi after he finishes learning in Kollel.


So anyways, you know how Motti has always said that he wants to marry someone from the upper west side? Well, his dream is about to come true!We don't know much about Danielle, except that she teaches at Redwood high school, and hopes that her students become critical thinkers and don't take anything at face value.

Speaking of the Schwartz family, did anyone know that rumor has it when Yoily was a bochur he used to dress up as a berka and chase yeshivishe bochurim around the Mir neighborhood.They say this famous picture is actually none other than Yoily himself.


The thing about Naftali is, everyone knows too much about him. We know what kind of coffee he likes, we know how many times a day he calls Naomi, and best of all we know that hes a huge Babby Schwartz fan. His really close friends say thats the real reason why he lives in country place. Speaking of Babby, how can we forget to mention Yoily, whose entire Zabotzal chasidus consists of his own sons Motti and Yaakov, who are already in a huge fight over who gets to lead the Az Yashir singing by the lake this year Pesach in Orlando. Speaking of Pesach in Orlando, we all know that is absolutely happening for Pesach 2021. Lets just hope that Yoily doesn't pack up 3 days into Pesach and leave everyone to fetch food and a minyan from the Gestetners like hes done in the past few years. Here is a picture from a fan of Yoily flying to Orlando last year: