Ex Zabizhaler Chossid Stuart Luboesky Not Coming To Orlando This Year

Head Zabitzaler Chossid Reb Rafi Rabinovich reported earlier today that Stuart Luboesky will NOT be joining us in Orlando this year. These reports come just days after Stuart was heard saying that he was planning on going to Orlando because he loves Yoily so much.

Apparently, he’s changed his mind. Well you know what? So did Rafi. Starting from today, Rafi (future lawyer) will no longer be referring to Stuart as a Zabtzaler chossid.

Yes, Stuart dropped a dime on us all today but we will prevail. As Motti likes to say, “Tell me whachoo want, what you really really want, but I will decide whether or not I will let what you say affect me.”

Yoily and the crew are actively working to try and get Eliyahu Hanavi to take Stuarts place. If that will happen, we don’t know, but what we do know is that there will be Uncle Leibish cake. So we don’t care who’s coming. We’ll just make a shehakol and eat cake. Lots of it.

Who's painting should we bring to Orlando?

According to our Dear Uncle Yoily, this year only one painting will be allowed to hang proudly in Orlando. The question remains: Which painting will it be?

Well, ladies and gentlemen, the decision is in our hands now.

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Naomi Still Deciding On Chol Hamoed Plans

Quote From Naomi:

“As the name implies,¬†Hollywood¬†Studios is about all things movie-related. The truth is, I’m not sure if I want to go anywhere that is related bichlal to the Tumehdogeh word Movie or Hollywood.”

“On the other hand, rides are very important to me. That’s not to say that Epcot doesn’t have some great rides, because it does. But Lmaysa you can’t compare.”

“Another problem wherever we go is that we have to stare at the chometz in the park on Pesach, and whenever I look at chometz on Pesach I feel like it brings my Ruchnies down 1 or 2 levels.”

“Chol Hamoed should be about one thing and one thing only: Torah and Avodas Hashem! How is going on trips helping with any of those things? The Mitzri’im won!”

Word on the street is that Ari is the real one raitzing Naomi on about feeling bad about going on trips Chol Hamoed, but those reports are unconfirmed, and Ari has declined to comment on the situation.