So here’s whats happening. Mrs Gestetner (Aka Mommy) has decided we aren’t coming back for Pesach next year. Now, generally we would be OK with that, because we do respect the fact that Rabbi Cohen really wants Mr Gestetner (Tatty) back in Lakewood one year, but there’s one problem:

How could we miss out on Yoilys new Pesach program, “Vanitzack Koeileh”?

Wait! I didn’t know Yoily was making a program?! Well now you know. Reports are that Yoily is afraid to confront Mrs Gestetner to ask her if she wants to come since she has already been overheard saying she isn’t going back to Orlando unless Sruly Williger is there.

Yoily is planning on hiring some entertainment, and has been fiddling with the idea of Eliyahu Hanavi, Makom Shein Ish, and maybe even Stuart Lubowsky. So far nothing has been confirmed yet.

Where is this program taking place? Who knows. Not me. Even Yoily doesn’t know. But he will make sure that there is plenty of lunch, and there needs to be a lake in the area since we need a place to say Az Yashir.

Jeremy Wade spotted saying Az Yashir by the lake in 2016