Ok, so I'm randomly texting with Yoily this afternoon when I get this text:

Now, I have gone back and forth with many different people regarding this subject and there are many questions that need to be answered before we approve of this merger.

  1. What's in it for us? More Aliyos? More food by the kiddush? Shorter Davening?
  2. What nissuch are we going to be davening with?
  3. Will Sruly Williger be there?
  4. If he is there, how far is the walk to the nearest lake?
  5. Are there gators by the lake?
  6. Now that Yoily doesn't daven by Chabad anymore, will he still remember how to lead a fabrengin?
  7. Will they be mad at Yoily once they find out he doesn't daven by Chabad anymore?
  8. Once Yoily see's the warm Chabad davening again, will this trigger him to move back to Circle Place?
  9. Will The Zabizaler Rebbe still be seated at the front of the room in his grand armchair?
Once we answer all these questions, we can then address the only question that really matters:


If he is, I'm in. If not, we'll have to reconsider if this merger is really the best move for us at this time.